Friday, June 6, 2008

First Week of Groups

We finished training and this was our first week of groups. It was nice to finally get started. Our anchor site (a site we go to every day that week) was Vinehill Boys and Girls Club so that was so much fun!! Those kids were pretty amazing. We played many games of kickball, jump rope, and four square!! It really made me miss the boys and girls club. We also went to Samaritan Ministries which is a soup kitchen. We got to hang out with Ms Jean. I don't know if I have talked about her previously but she is pretty incredible!! Her heart for this city is inspiring and contagious! She is doing some pretty great things for the people of Nashville. Her soup kitchen is the only one in the city that serves lunch every day of the week except Sunday so it is a huge commitment.

The group was only here till Thursday morning so we only went to those two sites. We also did the prayer tour and urban exposure. During urban exposure, we drop the groups off downtown and they have already packed a lunch. They also pack an extra lunch. One of their goals is to ask someone to eat lunch with them. It doesn't have to be someone who is homeless. Also, there are a list of things we want them to accomplish while they are there. It is kind of like night exposure but without the bus ride. So, each week a group will either do a night exposure or an urban exposure. We want them to find a homeless person, a tourist, and a native of Nashville to ask question about the city and to see if they think there is a homeless problem in Nashville. Also, it is a chance to strike up a conversation with someone they don't know. It is a stretching time for them and it can put the groups in some pretty uncomfortable situations because talking to people you don't know is not always the easiest!! It is definitely a growing experience for them.

We have the rest of the weekend off so that will be nice. Patrick, Jimmy, Jessie, and I went to the Science Center today so that was fun. It is nice to hang out with each other. We all get along so well so this summer should be a pretty incredible experience! I hope everyone is doing well. Thanks for reading and keeping in touch!! love y'all!!


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