Saturday, May 31, 2008

Day Off!!

Yay for days off! There will not be many this summer so I am sure they will be treasured! Yesterday was our last day of training and the groups get here tomorrow. I am so excited for the groups to start coming. My first group is a junior high youth group and this is their first time with CSM so it should be a lot of fun!! I am co-hosting with Jessie so that will take some of the pressure off.

This week was pretty great. We finished up visiting all the ministry sites we are going to be at this summer. We went to the boys and girls club. They are one of our anchor sites which means we will be going there every day either in the morning or afternoon. So, I am pretty excited about that! We send the kids out on a thing called night exposure while they are here and we did it as a staff this week. We give them $5 each and they have to ride the bus downtown and back home at the end of it. The bus ride there and back cost $3 so then they have to find somewhere to eat for only $2. We mark off boundaries so they cannot go to any fast food places. Usually they are in groups of two or three so they can put their money together if they think about and we do not give them idea of course! While they are downtown, they have find a place they would sleep if they really were homeless. Then they have to lay down in that place for 5 to 10 minutes to get a feel for what it is like to sleep on the streets. It was pretty powerful to do and a huge wake up call for how oblivious people are of their surroundings. Of course, we did not look the part because we still had our clean clothes on and we were clean so we could pretty much walk anywhere but it was really eye opening to see how hard it was if you were not in a group and did not have anyone with you to combine your money.

It really made me excited for this summer. We get to share this experience with these kids and show them how people in America are struggling. Well, I hope everyone is doing great. I miss y'all so much!!

In Him, Breanne

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kara said...

That is really cool, I am really impressed with the real life application the groups are getting. I bet that was such an eye opening experience for everyone. Well I am praying for you Breanne. I can't wait to hear more of what you guys are doing!