Friday, June 13, 2008

Week Two

My group this week was pretty incredible! I had so much fun with them. Our schedule consisted of going to Y-Cap which is a summer program kind of like the Boys and Girls Club. We also went to Campus for Human Development where we served dinner to the men that lived there. We went to Welcome Home which is a halfway house for men that are trying to be get reintroduced to society. We did several things there for them. We cleaned the house, worked in the flower beds, and the boys got to use sledge hammers to break up concrete for a drain. Something about high school boys with sledge hammers made me a little nervous!! They did great though. We also went to the Next Door. It is a place for women that are coming out of prison or crisis situations to come and begin to rehabilitate their life. We did some office work for them and we also got to cook them dinner so that was a real neat experience.

This group was so hilarious. It was a really great week. They had some bumps a long the way but it did not phase them one bit! Two leaders got sick, one of which ended up having to get her appendix out, and one of their vans broke down!! It was one thing after the other but they took everything in stride and let us handle all the details so it did not make things stressful at all. They handled everything very well. I was so impressed and it will be a group I remember for a long time! The kids were so responsive and had no problem jumping right in to work and help out at all the sites. I felt like a lot of them were getting it so I feel like it was a very successful week! I hope everyone is doing great. I love y'all!!


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