Monday, January 25, 2010

One Thousand Gifts 31-40

31. Movie nights
32. Education
33. sending a gift just because
34. receiving a gift just because
35. Having a best friend like Bailee that can totally turn your day around!
36. a new puppy in the house
37. Grace
38. Watching best friends be incredible parents
39. Being daddy's little girl
40. Music

holy experience

Monday, January 18, 2010


21. Sunday afternoon naps
22. Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough
23. Our couch with the pull-out
24. The fact that going to the park is part of my job!
25. Knowing all my neighbors
26. Realizing the small things make up the big picture
27. Office quotes
28. Coffee dates with Jes
29. 60 degree weather in January
30. How a toddler's laugh can turn your whole day around.

holy experience

Monday, January 11, 2010

Gifts 11-20

11. Having a job that I love!
12. Growing up so close to my grandparents
13. Having Britney as a best friend for the past 13 years.
14. My community group
15. Weekends where I can do nothing
16. Learning I don't have to be busy all the time
17. The perspective I gained from working with CSM.
18. Music
19. Afternoons that I have to myself
20. Forgetting my cell phone at home

Monday, January 4, 2010

1000 Gifts

I saw this on my friend Emily's blog and thought this would be a great way to start off the new year. So, hopefully every Monday I can add a few more. I know I forget so many times with the craziness of life just how blessed I am so this will be a great reminder! Here are my first ten.

1. The fact that I can call my sister my best friend
2. When friends come to visit
3. I have a beautiful neice and two handsome nephews that I love dearly.
4. Being able to look at the world through the eyes of a 3 year old.
5. Going home to visit family
6. Phone calls from Bailee on her way home from work so we can catch up on each other's lives.
7.The friends I have made this past year in Nashville
8. Being able to move to a new city
9. A Godly family that instilled some pretty great values in my life.
10. Having parents that I know would do anything in this world for me and never taking that for granted.

holy experience