Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Half-way Mark

I cannot believe that it has been seven weeks. It does not feel like it at all. We did not have an anchor site this week so that was kind of different for me. We have been to Project C.U.R.E. It is a huge warehouse that receives medical equipment and medical supplies that are still good but that a hospital might throw out and they repackage them to send to third world countries. It is such an amazing cause and it has become on of my favorite sites. We help fill boxes and go through stuff that can be used. We have also been to East Nashville Co-op this week. It is an organization that has been started by over 20 churches in east Nashville to help the people in the surrounding area. They have a food bank, clothing store, and a garden so they have a chance to get fresh produce. I got to take the kids back to Samaritan so that is always a great time! Tomorrow we are going to do Picnic in the Park at the park across from the Library downtown. We will take lunches down there with us but also take extra so we can ask people to have lunch with us. It should be a good time.

This summer has been an incredible time of growth for me. I have had some time to reflect on the past few years and deal with some stuff that I have tried to forget. It has not been easy but it has been a very healing time for me. This past Sunday when I was sitting in church, the girl leading worship told a story about how she has been having health problems. She and her husband have really been searching for answers from God and been praying for healing. In the midst of all the praying, she felt God telling her that He has heard her prayers but there was not a time that she just seek after Him just to be in His presence. I felt like she was speaking straight to me! I have been doing this for a long time. I feel like I only go to God when I am struggling with something or I need something. I have forgotten to seek Him just because He is. I find myself no longer desiring to just be still and let God speak to me.

I have so many decisions to make in the next few months and I am trying not to stress out about it. I honestly have no idea what I am going to do at the end of the summer and I am learning to be okay with that. God is showing me that I do not have to have it figured out and I do not have to be on this 40 year plan so that my life is laid out. It is kind of scary to think about because it is not the normal way that I do things but it is also making me rely so much more on God now. Which is where I need to be anyway.

I just wanted to thank everyone that has been praying for us this summer. Please continue to keep us in your prayers as we begin to grow weary and try to make sure this does not become routine. We want to have a fresh start every week because we owe the new groups that but it gets hard sometimes to be excited when days are long and exhausting. My parents are coming tomorrow and I am so excited about that! I cannot wait to see them and spend three days with them! This is a much needed trip for me. I miss them so much! It will be a nice break for me to get away from the housing site and spend time with them. I hope everyone is doing great. I miss and love y'all so much!!