Sunday, November 30, 2008


This week was nice. I went home to Mississippi and spent a few days with family and friends. I honestly think one of my favorite things is to get to go home. Spending time with family is something that can't be replaced, no matter how crazy they may be! We ate a lot and watched a lot of football!! Ole Miss beat the mess out of MS State!! Can't really think of a better way to spend the week! I did go shopping on friday. We didn't wake up real early but it was early enough to think I might not ever do it again!! It was so much crazier than last year. It just put me in a bad mood more than anything!!! People were so rude and crazy about sales. I was kind of in disbelief about the whole situation. It is kind of sad that this is really what Christmas is about now. I am not going to get on a soapbox about missing the meaning but it was truly eye opening yesterday. Everyone knows the meaning is lost but I saw it first hand yesterday.

I do love the holiday season though. Everyone seems to be a little happier. (excluding Black Friday) I love the lights, music, and family time. I know I take it for granted so often but I have been truly blessed. I had a long talk on the way back to the house last night with my aunt about this very thing. I haven't really experienced great tragedy. My parents are still together and love each other very much. I have amazing siblings and even more amazing friends. I was lucky enough to be raised in a home where God was the focus. God has really blessed my life and its hard to find the reasons why He does it. My aunt said she was given some great advice from her pastor's wife when she married my uncle. (who is a pastor) She told my aunt that the good times in ministry will far out weigh the bad. I think that applies to my life. Crappy things have happened but I have had some pretty great times. Its easy to get wrapped up in the drama of life and take for granted all the blessings. So, my goal is to focus more on the blessings of life and try to forget all the craziness. I hope everyone is doing well!! love y'all!


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