Tuesday, April 27, 2010

How does this still happen?

I read a story today that completely broke my heart. How have we become so desensitized as a culture that we could allow this to happen? People want to blame it on New Yorkers but I know this could happen any place. Our culture has become so self-absorbed that we can't step out of our worlds for one second to see the bigger picture. We don't like to be uncomfortable. It's a hard concept to grasp that this life is not about our jobs, how much money we make, how much stuff we have..etc. It's about caring for and loving people. We have lost sight of that some where. We have become a society where we will walk over anyone to get what we want.

I want this to be a reminder to me to look beyond myself. If my life was truly eternally focused...how different would I be?


Anonymous said...

Glad you made it to LA. Great post. I know you'll do amazing things for the Lord there.

David G.

Breanne said...

Thanks David!