Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Eternally Focused

You know when you are sitting in church and you feel like the pastor is completely talking to you? Welcome to my life the past month! Every week I have walked into Cross Point and have come out thinking..."Seriously, God..I get it!!" There has been a lot of things that I have decided that I needed to control. Of course, you all know how that turns out. I make it a complete mess!

"The tragedy of life is not that it ends so soon but that we wait so long to begin it." W.M Lewis

Blake read this quote on Sunday and God has not let me forget it. The day before Thanksgiving a friend of mine lost his dad. He was only 51. It was sudden. There was no warning. He was in great shape and did all the right things. No one could explain how a healthy 51 year old just dies. It was so unexpected. There are no words that you can say to the family because in reality, nothing really helps.

The thing that I keep wrestling with is...why do we think it was so unexpected? We know that we really are not promised another day so why do we continue to live like we do? Why do we make plans for next week..month..year and we can't live in the moment? How much of our life do we waste by the plans we make? If I could just graduate...If I could just get this job or this promotion...if that boy would finally realize we were meant to be together then I could start my life. We feed into this notion that life won't be better until....

What keeps us from living in the moment? If I were truly living "eternally focused" I feel like I would live for the moment. Blake said that if we are focused on the eternal things, there should be an urgency in our life. I want that urgency. I want to make the most of the moments that God gives me. I pray that you also make the most of those moments.

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rachel said...

agreed. i have been reading that quote all week too, friend. nicely said.